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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable - Graduation Song (Friends Forever) Cassijorgensen. Follow. 5 years ago | 67 views. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable - Graduation Song (Friends Forever) Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:24. Kim Possibles Hero : Ron Stoppable. Kristywarriner81. Read story Kim possible and Ron stoppable after graduation by Ambitiousimagination (Delaney) with 11,217 reads.They sit there in the sloth, flying into the nig.. Tweet this: http://ctt.ec/xid9m Watch Act II: http://youtu.be/wzLITTKgGaw WATCH THE ENTIRE EPISODE: https://youtu.be/IciGBC57N2w http://www.thepossiblemissio.. Ron Stoppable's Really Neat Page. Rufus, Kim, and Me! Graduation. General. Chatroom. The Contest Board! General KP Discussion. We Think That Kim Possible Doesn't Need Five Seasons - It Ran Its Course And Can End On A High Note - Besides, Disney Has Better And New Things To Do, But If It Actually Happens, Whatever, We'll Roll With It Anyway Since Disney Can Do Whatever They Want . Fight for.

Ronald Ron Stoppable has been Kim Possible's best friend since Pre-K, her next door neighbor, and finally boyfriend, mainly serving as her sidekick during missions. 1 Physicality 1.1 Appearance 2 Personality 2.1 Work Ethic 2.2 Obsession 2.3 Nonconformity 2.4 Jealousy 2.5 Relaxed and Easy-Going.. Graduation Day. Summary: Ron's point of view as he battles Warmonga and Warhok. Ron stoppable stared up in horror as he spotted his girlfriend Kim Possible sprawled out on the pavement. This couldn't be happening, not to Kim, she could do anything; she saved the world on a regular basis If Felix was a little nervous about what he was about to do, Ron Stoppable was absolutely petrified. On the surface it seemed like a totally irrational response, considering he was about to graduate and move on from the comfortable trappings of teenage life to adulthood Ron Stoppable is the deuteragonist of the animated series Kim Possible. He is the lifelong best friend, faithful sidekick, and eventual boyfriend of the show's titular protagonist, Kim Possible. During the show, which covers the pair's three years of high school, Ron is depicted as an eccentric student who serves as a bumbling sidekick, providing much of the show's comic relief, but also an.

  1. Zur Sicherheit und Erhaltung von ron-stoppable.de, haben wir das Gästebuch sowie die Funktion zur Registrierung abgeschaltet. Dadurch können wir unnötige Spam Posts vermeiden und unsere Inhalte schützen. Das KP-Projekt lebt ebenfalls weiter! Jedoch wird es einfach etwas länger dauern, bis wir dort zu einem Ergebnis kommen. Drake macht derzeit ebenfalls eine Weiterbildung und muss.
  2. Ron is fighting his jitters in the bathroom at school right before graduation. There, Master Sensei appears to him, telling him that his greatest challenge will soon come. Ron does not understand the warning and heads off to join Kim for graduation. Kim and Ron meet up outside the sports-field, waiting for their graduation ceremony to start
  3. The show ended in a classic way with Kim and her best friend turned boyfriend Ron Stoppable driving away from a graduation party while kissing under the moonlight. They have been friends since Pre-K and have been through a lot together, whether it is personal problems or saving the world. They are just adorable and amazing together! Kim and Ron are forever devoted to each other, yet there are.

It is the high school Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable go and graduate from together. The only teachers ever seen are Steve Barkin and two others. Bonnie Rockwaller, Monique, Zita Flores, Felix Renton, Josh Mankey, Brick Flagg, Jim & Tim Possible, Ron Reiger, and Tara have all attended Middleton High School during the course of the series Later, Kim, Ron and their families left Middleton High School after the Graduation ceremony concluded. The after graduation beach party was postponed to the next night as a result of the Lorwardian Invasion. When both the Possible and Stoppable families reached their neighborhood they found the Possible house in ruins Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable graduate high school before going off to college. Despite Noah the Elder refusing to let him graduate due to his inability to sing, Mumble has a graduation ceremony of his own with his mother, Norma Jean, and unexpectedly becomes the first to go out to sea as an adult for the first time. Quotes (Mayor Lionheart: As Mayor of Zootopia, I am proud to announce.

Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable going to the prom. Rebakewihi. Takip et. 4 yıl önce | 28 views. Kim Possible,Kim,Possible kim possible. Bildir. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Sonraki oynatılıyor. 2:00. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Tribute. Ampleemit. Ronald Ron Stoppable is Kim's sidekick-partners and also boyfriend whose sometime get into a comical situation but always has Kim's back whenever she needed, along with his pet naked mole rats, Rufus. Ron is the only natural child from a Jewish family. He met Kim during their first day at pre-school and they have been firm friends ever since Directed by Steve Loter. With Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Tahj Mowry. As Graduation Day approaches for Middleton High, Drakken fumes that he's due for a win, Ron panics at the thought of all the changes to come, and Kim tracks down the source of mysterious markings appearing in fields all over the world

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Graduation, Del 2: Fødselsdag? Alder: 16-17: Arbejde: Dyreafdelingen i Smarty Mart: Familie: Forældre: Hr. & Fru Stoppable Adoptiv lillesøster: Hana Stoppable: Ronald Ron Adrian Stoppable er en fiktiv figur. Han er den anden hovedrolle i animationsserien Kim Possible. Ron er Kims bedste ven og følgesvend på opdagelserne rundt i verden. Ron var med i den første episode som blev sendt i. Apr 4, 2015 - Graduation Part I - season 4 - Kim Possible - Ron Stoppable

While Ron worries that graduation means the end of his romantic relationship with Kim, a vengeful Warmonga returns with her battle-mate, Warhawk the Conqueror, to invade Earth. On graduation day, Kim is abducted along with Drakken by the alien invaders, and must work alongside him, Ron, and Shego to foil the Lorwardians' planetary assault Directed by Steve Loter. With Christy Carlson Romano, Will Friedle, Nancy Cartwright, Tahj Mowry. Dr. Drakken, Shego, Ron and Kim must work together to save the world F86Sabre53 30 3 Graduation at HRU F86Sabre53 24 0 Kim and Ron in London F86Sabre53 24 5 (REQUEST) Puffed Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Aldrine2004 39 34 Kim and Ron: Night on the Town F86Sabre53 54 3 Goodnight Kiss F86Sabre53 42 2 more Kim And Ron romance aliciamartin851 10 0 I'm Happy You're Now Attending F86Sabre53 21 0 Team Possible on a Mission F86Sabre53 33 1 Kim and Ron Valentines Day. Ron Stoppable is the deuteragonist and the love interest of Kim Possible since So the Drama, as well as her sidekick.They had been best friends since Pre-K and he always goes along with her on her missions and is the comic relief. Though seemingly a wimp, he has been able to save the day on occasion such as when the cheerleaders get stranded in Camp Wannaweep, the place where he experienced. Ronald Ron Stoppable is a fictional character from the Disney animated series Kim Possible.His first and last name is a take on Unstoppable, and is voiced by actor Will Friedle. He debuted in the series opening episode in June 2002, starred in all 65 episodes of Season 1-3, and made his Season 4 debut in an episode initially broadcast exclusively over the Disney Channel website in February.

Contents[show] Canon Information Ronald Ron Stoppable is a character from the animated television series Kim Possible. His first and last name is a take on Unstoppable. Ron is a high school student with an eccentric personality who serves as a bumbling sidekick to the show's titular protagonist Kim Possible. He was Kim's best friend from Seasons 1-3 and eventually progressed to. High School Student/Graduate, Sidekick, Ultimate Monkey Master & Smarty Mart Employee: Series: Kim Possible Never be normal! That's the Ron Stoppable motto. Ron in the Kim Possible Episode: Crush _____ WHO IS HE? _____ This is Ronald Stoppable, nicknamed Ron. He is Kim Possible's childhood best friend, her sidekick, and eventually her boyfriend. He goes with her on every mission and he. Kim Possible Shego Ron Stoppable Disney Channel Character, graduation season transparent background PNG clipart size: 512x512px filesize: 470.31KB. Advertisements; Ron Stoppable Shego Kim Possible The Walt Disney Company Character, hunger games transparent background PNG clipart size: 1677x1941px filesize: 325.34KB. Dr. Drakken Shego Kim Possible Rufus Ron Stoppable, disneyland transparent. 421, 422 Graduation . thatgeekwiththeclipons . Follow. Unfollow. kimpossible Kim Possible kim possible ronstoppable Ron Stoppable ron stoppable shego drakken rufus. 179 notes . Reblog. OMG guys!!! I found a picture that reveals my future, precisely February 14,2018: shimospookyapple . Follow. Unfollow. forever alone ron stoppable ronstoppable kimpossible kim possible valentinesday memes i am. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people

Ron also has a Mystical monkey power as evidenced in the graduation episode. Apart from that Ron also displays the same all round athleticism, creativity and culinary skills that Ted does. My thought is that before they married, Mrs Stoppable had a either a one night stand or an affair with Ted, resulting in Ron. Mrs Stoppable who is haunted by that affair/one night stand shuts out Ron who. Graduation; College; Jealousy; Kim/Ron - Freeform; Cannon; Forever; one shots; Summary. It didn't take long for Ron to discover that the notion of forever was not only the magical foundation of their decade-plus long friendship, but it was also quickly becoming the structure of their newly blossoming relationship... even if Kim didn't immediately realise it for herself. Series of adorably. in kim possible graduation kim possible and ron stoppable graduated from middleton high in that episode how old would kim and ron be in 2008 #kim possible #s4 #graduation #shego #dr. drakken. 4 years ago 17 ♥ #kim possible #s1 #coach possible #ron stoppable #kp #there he goes smearing again. 4 years ago 33 ♥ #kim possible #s1 #tick tick tick #kp #ron stoppable. 4 years ago 23 ♥ #kim possible #s1 #crush #kp #rufus #ron stoppable #asknigthmaremoo32 #submission #rufus..... 4 years ago 28 ♥ #kim possible #s1 #october 31st #.

This Is Our Year: College is a muti-chapter story written by F86Sabre53 and takes place a few days after, This Is Our Year: Post-Graduation Camping Trip. Kim and Ron begin college together in New York. Together, along with their friends and family, would face the challenges of both college life and saving the world Yeah, my graduation party was crazy too! A secret ninja school? Wait, is it a public secret ninja school? — Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible. Advertisement: Subtrope of Extranormal Institute. Learning how to be a ninja is rather straightforward. Normally one learns from a personal master, or sometimes a dojo. But there are those that believe that learning the skills of a ninja can be made to. Aug 16, 2014 - Warmonga , Warhawk, Shego , Drakken , Ron Stoppable , Kim Possible - Graduation part II - season Keep checking back as we continue to add more episodes! We currently have 123,238 screen captures of Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Dr. Drakken, Shego, and the rest of the gang! Don't see your favorite cap? The system we use takes a screenshot once every second, so we know it misses some great shots now and then Ron Stoppable in Sunnydale Thread starter krinsbez; Start date Sep 10, 2007; krinsbez Off-Colors of the Galaxy. Sep 10, 2007 #1 1. Through act of COROB, following Graduation, Ron Stoppable attends UC Sunnydale, circa Buffy's fourth Season. Being Ron, he quickly stumbles into and hooks up with the Scoobies. What happens? 2. Through act of COROB, following Graduation.

She is also very protective of her friends. She always stands up for Ron Stoppable, Josh Mankey (standing up against Ron's insults) and in the movie So The Drama, she is more then willing to test out a very dangerous experimental suit to save her boyfriend Eric Quote: Yeah, the mad dog lives! Ah ah owwww! Name: Ron Stoppable Age: 18 Where is this character from?: Kim Possible Why did you pick him/her?: He's a fun character and he's needed Follow the adventures of Kim and Lynn Possible, twin, highschool, crime-fighting sisters who, with the help of their best friend, Ron Stoppable, and his pet naked mole rat, Rufus, saves the world from various comical and dastardly villains Warmonga , Warhawk, Shego , Drakken , Ron Stoppable , Kim Possible - Graduation part II - season 4. Yes. Everything Kim Possible. kingdomoftyto: And then she throws him out the window. Have I mentioned how hard I ship these two? Ron Stoppable. Mothers Day. Season 2 Kim Possible. When I get a text, my phone is the same noise Kim Possible had. Everytime it goes off and I grab my phone I.

Sep 25, 2018 - Explore T. L. Ragsdale's board Possible & Stoppable on Pinterest. See more ideas about Kim possible, Kim possible and ron, Kim and ron She reappears later on in the 2-part final episode Graduation. She returned with her battle-mate Warhok, commanding an invasion force to conquer the seemingly primitive Earth. Warmonga is finally defeated when Ron Stoppable manages to tap into his dormant Mystical Monkey Powers and defeat her and Warhok in single combat, throwing them headlong into their crashing spacecraft just before it. Mine are Ill-Suited, Graduation 1&2, Mad Dogs and Aliens, and The Cupid Effect! Mine was Ron Stoppable and Rufus cause they was awesome and comical duo just like Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Sally Seckman. 5 settembre alle ore 08:09. Kim and Ron would so be drift compatible! What would the name of their robot be? Kim and Ron would so be drift compatible! What would the name of their. However, Ron Stoppable and a holographic Kim Possible showed up, and he proceeded to chase Ron through his house in an attempt to kill him in order to prevent anyone from learning of his secret. Ron eventually defeated him when he received mystical monkey power as well, then proceeded to destroy the idols. Since then, Monkey Fist has considered Ron to be his personal nemesis, despite Ron's.

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She's also friends with Ron Stoppable, with whom she shares an interest in professional wrestling. Monique seems to dislike Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's archrival, because of her snobbish attitude. Romantically, she has a lot of first dates. She describes herself as unable to maintain a relationship,and seemingly seeks a stable relationship with a young man who isn't a total weenie. She was seen. Ron Stoppable Kim Possible dizisinin baş kahramanlarından biridir. Ron sevimli ve kibar bir gençtir. Görevdeyken Kimin elbisesine benzer bir elbise giyer. Rufus adında bir tüysüz köstebeği vardır. Genellikle onu pantolonunun cebinde taşır. Bu ev hayvanın alma nedeni, babasının hayvan tüylerine karşı alerjisi olmasıdır. Ronun sarışın dağınık saçları ve kahverengi. Définitions de Ron Stoppable, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Ron Stoppable, dictionnaire analogique de Ron Stoppable (anglais Her buddy, Ron Stoppable, his pet Rufus, and a resourceful webmaster named Wade collabotrate on secret missions and can do anything. When she's not defeating the bad guys, Kim still has to cope with typical pressures of school, family and social life. × $64.99/mo for 85+ live channels. No contracts or hidden fees. Available nationwide. Terms apply. TRY IT FREE. TRY IT FREE. $64.99/mo for 85. Ron Stoppable. January 17, 2016 July 30, 2020. Table of contents: show. Are you seeking sex without obligations? CLICK HERE NOW - registration is free! She is unusual in this in that she not only lacks a secret identity, but also remains on good terms with various law enforcement, government, and military agencies. For the most part, her schoolmates are aware of her work but don't do.

Ron is a Type B teen : he is laid-back, ambivalent and somewhat random. Equally, Ron does well in all of the areas in which Kim does not, such a cooking and being able to resist peer pressure, and vice versa. Kim and Ron complement each other, and their relationship works well. They were still together after their graduation from High School. Ron admits that Shego is physically attractive. <br>If you are interested you can take a look at The Goldbergs is one of the most underrated sitcoms of this generation. Last night watching Murray and Bev argue about the pool cleaner using a home made claw and ladle after losing his arm was killing me. I think he is the cutest little thing and sets off my gaydar. <br> <br>Apart from that, he played in a TV show Big Hero 6: The Series and.

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  1. Ron Stoppable. Ron and Kim have been best friends since pre-k and, During Graduation, Ron is finally able to fully use his Mystical Monkey Powers to a terrific extent when he single-handedly defeated Warhok and Warmonga when even Kim and Shego combined could not, but shows more violence than they did as he apparently kills the villains rather than capture them. It is unknown if his control.
  2. Ronald Ron Stoppable has been Kim Possible's best friend since Pre-K, her next door neighbor, and finally boyfriend, mainly serving as her sidekick during missions. Sometime between Kim Possible and Hero Alliance, Kim and Ron broke up. Though they retained a healthy friendship. In Hero Alliance, Ron was only recruited so Kim would agree to join. Contents . Personality Edit. Ron was a high.
  3. Ron Stoppable is the male lead of the Fox animated sitcom Kim Possible. He is the lifelong best friend, faithful sidekick, and eventual boyfriend of the show's titular protagonist, Kim Possible. During the show, Ron is depicted as an eccentric student who serves as a bumbling sidekick, providing much of the show's comic relief, but also an important foil to Kim's competitive and image.
  4. - Ron Stoppable He said it in the pilot, and it has rung true through all 80+ episodes. The boy is a very special lumpy pancake batter full of unique. On the one hand, he's a very laid back guy. He doesn't worry about grades or schoolwork, or about his (or anyone else's) standing in the social ladder of high school, and thus isn't shy when it comes to things like asking people out on dates. It.
  5. See more ron stoppable GIF! Create and share your own ron stoppable GIFs, with Gfyca
  6. Ron Stoppable is on Facebook. To connect with Ron, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up. About Ron Stoppable. Education. Riverdale High School. El Paso, Texas. About Ron. Ron and Kim have been best friends since pre-k. He also serves as her sidekick whenever they go on missions. Even though Ron is depicted as a clumsy, goofball teenager, he has saved the world on his own. His name.

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work Rob Stoppable Here's The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 21 & 22. September 22, 2015 September 21, So, Kim and Ron are getting ready to graduate from high school, but first they have to foil Drakken's latest scheme which is something about mutating plants. Basically Drakken wants to be Poison Ivy. Everyone, Shego included, thinks that he's starting to scrape the bottom of the.

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  1. Kim and Ron investigated Killigan shortly before their graduation, suspecting him of a vandalism spree of various golf courses. As it turned out, he himself was a victim of the same, and had installed a new security system on his island for that very reason. Personality. He has a boisterous and brusque personality. Leave a comment; Comments 0; Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment.
  2. Ron Stoppable e Kim Possible (personaggio) · Mostra di più » Kim Possible - La cerimonia del diploma. La cerimonia del diploma (Graduation) è l'episodio finale del cartone animato statunitense Kim Possible, diretto da Steve Loter. Nuovo!!: Ron Stoppable e Kim Possible - La cerimonia del diploma · Mostra di più » Kim Possible - La sfida.
  3. Instead, the device takes his evilness and dumps it into Ron Stoppable. Shego's the first to notice when Drakken can't design any evil devices. Shego tracks down Ron, sees that he's better at being evil than Drakken, and takes him with her. So the unlikely team of Kim and Drakken have to work together to set things right. 5 Stop Team Go! (8.3) The Attitudinator makes another appearance.
  4. Ron Stoppable is hired to work at Smarty Mary by Martin Smarty after saving him from a hostage situation. Dr. Drakken is broken out of prison by the Lorwardian Warmonga. Kim Possible's traditional mission outfit is replaced after being irreparably damaged during a mission and discontinued in all stores. Hana is adopted by the Stoppable family. For their half-iversary, Kim gets Ron a flexible.
  5. Graduation, Del 2: Fødselsdag: Afhentet i, Dyreafdelingen i Smarty Mart: Alder? Familie: Ejer: Ron Stoppable: Rufus er en fiktiv figur. Han medvirker i animationsserien Kim Possible. Rufus er en hårløs jordrotte (nøgenrotte). Rufus er Ron Stoppables kæledyr. På engelsk stemmelægges Rufus af Nancy Cartwright. Referencer. Eksterne henvisninger. Rufus på Internet Movie Database (engelsk.

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Ron Stoppable: lt;table class=metadata plainlinks ambox ambox-content ambox-multiple_issues compact-ambox role=p... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of. Ron owns a pet naked mole rat named Rufus, who proves an excellent aid to Ron and Kim in their many battles versus Dr. Drakken and various other foes. Ron is also the main source of comic relief for the show. During the show, Kim and Ron progress through the high school, starting in tenth grade in the pilot episode Crush and ending with the graduation party in the final episode Graduation

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Ronald Ron Stoppable, är en blond judisk tonårspojke. Graduation, Part 1; 87. Graduation, Part 2; Röster. Karaktär Originalröst Svensk originalröst Kim Possible: Christy Carlson Romano: Frida Nilsson (2002-2005) Ellen Fjæstad (2007) Ron Stoppable : Will Friedle: Gabriel Odenhammar: Rufus: Nancy Cartwright: Sofia Caiman: Dr. Drakken: John DiMaggio: Johan Hedenberg: Shego: Nicole. With graduation coming up, Kim and Ron muster the strength to finish schooland oh yeah, save the world! Evil is no match for Kim when Electronique zaps the heroic Team Go with the Attitude Adjuster. Ron senses something isn't quite right with his baby sister Han, but that's small potatoes as Kim and Ron jet off to England to confront the villainous Nanny Maim and her army of. Yo! I am Stick Figure To all the ladies that give me calls, Instead show up at my door step and lick my balls. You may not want my warm embrace, but honey you can sit on my f

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However, sometime prior to graduation from high school, Zita is implied to be dating Ron's best male friend, Felix Renton. When he lost the haircut, he lost Amelia's interest. : Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time: Christy Carlson Romano, Will Freidle, capture the all-powerful Time Monkey and start monkeying around with time, Kim, along with her faithful sidekick Ron Stoppable and Rufus, must. Warhok is an antagonist as well as the final antagonist from Disney's TV series, Kim Possible.He serves as one of the main antagonists in the series finale Graduation. He is the oppressive leader of the Lorwardian Invasion and Warmonga's hot-tempered compatriot.. He was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also played Xibalba in The Book of Life, the High Mage in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. featuring Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Wade Load. Graduation, Part 1 BCDB Rating: (4.7 /5 stars from 2 users.) 4. Graduation, Part 2 Graduation, Part 2 - 2007. Walt Disney Television Animation. featuring Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Wade Load. Graduation, Part 2 BCDB Rating: (4.8 /5 stars from 3 users.) 4. Search The BCDB . Search All BCDB Search This Series Detailed Search. Add. Everyday teen hero Kim Possible and her best friend Ron Stoppable embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. While Kim an

Warmonga , Warhawk, Shego , Drakken , Ron Stoppable , Kim246 best images about kim possible on Pinterest | SeasonsShowdown at the Crooked D | Kim Possible Wiki | FandomKim Possible / WMG - TV TropesRon Stoppable | Kim Possible Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaKim Possible and Ron Stoppable in Rufus in Show season 3
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