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Kurze Info für euch: Der Patch 9.20.1 wird in Russland am 17. Oktober veröffentlicht, dementsprechend sollte der Patch auf dem EU-Server einen Tag später erscheinen, also am 18 Update 9.20.1 erscheint am 18. Oktober mit haufenweise Änderungen quer durch die britischen, amerikanischen und chinesischen Linien, sowie eine regelrechte Salve an Matchmaker-Anpassungen, inklusive Gewichtung nach Fahrzeugrollen More information about Update 9.20.1 is coming out and as per usual, estimated dates were published by WOT Express. I've also made a list with what to expect on Update 9.20.1 with some brand new information that was sent to me. Please note the following dates are an estimate and subject to change without any warning We reported that release of the patch will be in mid-October, now we want to clarify this information: update 9.20.1 for the EU server will be held on October 18th. Well, now let's remember all the innovations and corrections of this patch. As always, we expect a rebalancing of technology. Improves the firepower of light tank News rund um WoT und WoWs . Oktober 18. Veröffentlichung des Updates 9.20.1 . Hey Kommandanten, Update 9.20.1 erscheint am 18. Oktober mit haufenweise Änderungen quer durch die britischen, amerikanischen und chinesischen Linien, sowie eine regelrechte Salve an Matchmaker-Anpassungen, inklusive Gewichtung nach Fahrzeugrollen. Die Persönlichen Aufträge erhalten eine Rundumbehandlung mit.

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WoT Update 9.20.1 enters the RU cluster officially on October 17, more precisely on the night from Monday to Tuesday (October 16-17). Expect EU/NA patch releases a day later, and the ASIA release a week later Regarding for release update 9.20.1. Below we propose to familiarize ourselves with specific dates related to the new patch: The first common test for patch 9.20.1 September 21st; The second common test for patch 9.20.1: October 5th: Release patch 9.20.1: middle October: Well, now the proposed changes and innovations . One of the main innovations of the future patch, we can note the processing. 8 Kommentare zu World of Tanks Update 9.20.1: Super Conqueror bestätigt _Snipi_ // 12/09/2017 um 18:49 // Zum Antworten anmelden Sehr nice, kostenloser neuer zehner für mich ^

World of Tanks Update 9

  1. Update 9.20.1 turns it into an efficient assault heavy tank, boosting its overall protection big time. It can take a punch and stand up to top-tier TDs without getting crippled in a matter of seconds, while a powerful gun with impressive pen and alpha to match lets it spearhead the assault. It also benefits from a new top turret with spaced armor in its front part, while the current option.
  2. 2017-10-27 The Leviathan/Halloween special. EU SD #0609 8.04 GB - - 2017-10-18 Vehicle rebalance: Super Conqueror, Conqueror, FV4005 Stage II, FV4004 Conway, and FV4202 (P). Personal Mission Revision, Bonds and Medals, Matchmaker imporovements. NA HD #0597 13.17 GB - -EU SD #0596 8.03 GB - -0.9.20 2017-08-3
  3. Update 9.20.1 behebt diesen Mangel mit einer Reihe von Optimierungen an Geschützbedienung, DPM und Alphaschaden. Unzureichende Feuerkraft hat es dem XM551 Sheridan schwer gemacht, auf Karten zu bestehen, bei denen Aufklärung weniger wichtig ist. Der Amerikaner erhält daher mehr Alphaschaden für sein 105-mm Lightweight Gun bei unveränderter Ladezeit. Mit anderen Worten, man kann jetzt mehr.

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  1. g a lot of others, Im grinding to try and get the 215b. Anyone know the exact release date of the patch? Im 260k away from the 215b. Hoping to grind the majority this weekend. Anyone know
  2. Update 9.20.1 turns it into an effective heavy tank, boosting its overall protection big-time so that it can lead the charge. It can take a punch and stand up to top-tier TDs without getting crippled in a matter of seconds, while a powerful gun with impressive penetration and alpha damage to match lets it spearhead the assault. It also benefits from a new top turret with spaced armour in its.
  3. In Update 9.20.1 there will be fifteen new HD tanks, including a few everyone was waiting: T-34-3 and STB-1. Bat.Chat. 155 mle. 55. Bat.Chat. 155 mle. 58. Churchill I . M6. STB-1. Valentine. Valentine AT. Vickers Medium Mk. I. Vickers Medium Mk. II. Valentine II. KV-4. Object-416. T-34-3. T-44-122. T-150. Liked it? Take a second to support The Daily Bounce - WoT & WoWS News, leaks, and more.

Starting with Update 9.20.1, the Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements will be additionally rewarded with Bonds. Exceptions are accumulative medals. The number of Bonds is not final and might change For Update 1.10, a lot of new things will be added to the game in this large WoT update: Polish medium tanks, Equipment 2.0, the reworked Pearl River map, and the rebalance of wheeled vehicles, heavy tanks, and medium tanks! And, of course, the return of Steel Hunter! Log in to the game and try it out for yourself Update 9.20.1 for World of Tanks. Personal Missions changed. The matchmaker has a new approach to vehicles. The Type 59 became better. The British tech tree received a new Tier X heavy tank and. Changes in equipment for update 9.20.1. The first changes will occur with the following tanks. The developers will show the technique with the changed characteristics for the super test on September 14th. From this moment, the testing of this technique will take place and preparations for the release will be made in the middle of October

Update 9.20.1: Verbesserungen am Matchmaker ..

Update 0.9.9 Release Date: 30 Sep 2020. U.S. Battleships: Part 1 The Dockyard and Strong-Willed Campaign Clan Battles: Northern Waters Season Mercenaries Research Bureau Changes to Game Mechanics Visual Improvements Technical Changes and Improvements Content additions and changes Other Changes details. 2020 Updates. Update 0.9.10. Release Date: 28 Oct 2020 Details. Update Release. Introducing Granite SDK 4.0 technology, which will alow to add in game D textures (till 8k) and photorealistic lightening. Loading time and the occuped memory size by textures will be reduced. Ray-tracing technology will be introduced soon in the encore engine. (Apparently you will not need ray-tracing graphics cards to make it work.) Physics. Introduction of the tanks' hull deformations.

Category: WoT. UPDATE 1.10.1 IS HERE! Posted on October 20, 2020 by jerryatrick53. Update 1.10.1 for World of Tanks is coming your way, Commanders! We're bringing back Dog Tags, so get ready to. Continue reading. WoT. Leave a comment. Preload Update 1.10.1. Posted on October 17, 2020 by jerryatrick53. If you're reading this, you're probably looking to see into World of Tanks' future. Name : p7zip Version : 9.20.1 Vendor : Mageia_Org Release : 4.1.mga4 Date : 2015-06-20 16:48:32 Group : Archiving/Compression Source RPM : p7zip-9.20.1-4.1.mga4.src.

WoT News der Woche! - 20. bis 26. Oktober. Oktober 20, 2020. NACHRICHTEN. Auf Ketten: TVP T50/51! Oktober 19, 2020. NACHRICHTEN. True-Vision-Test-2 - Details und Tipps. Oktober 16, 2020. MEHR NEWS. JETZT KOSTENLOS SPIELEN. HOT WHEELS™ und die verbundenden Warenzeichen und Handelsaufmachungen sind Eigentum von Mattel und werden unter Lizenz von Mattel verwendet. ©2020 Mattel. INSTAGRAM. Download Aslain's WoT Modpack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle v. #02 (21-10-2020) Download ★ World of Warships ★ Modpack (9,895,056 visits to this link) v9.9.1 #03 (13-10-2020) World of Tanks. English language section . Downloads & Important Info; Guides & Tutorials; General Discussion; Issues & bug reporting; Request a mod; Fan Zone; Clan Recruitment; 51.9k posts. Can't connect to the game v1.10.1. #01; By Aslain, 52 minutes ago; Sekcja. Official World of Tanks mod portal. Something went wrong. Please try reloading the page Installieren Sie daher dringend das Service-Release 10.59 oder die Version 11.1 (DATEV-Programme 14.0) über die elektronische Bereitstellung (jeweils voraussichtlich am 04.09.2020), damit Sie nach dem 06.09.2020 weiterhin beA Nachrichten senden und empfangen können. Geplante Auslieferungen. Termine Service-Releases. Eine Übersicht der geplanten Service-Releases wird ca. eine Woche vor dem.

wot. Update 1.8 Release dates. Feb 25th, 2020 / By: Update will be released: • March 3, 2020 (next Tuesday) for NA. • March 4, 2020 (next Wednesday) for RU, EU and SEA. New mods directories: ./mods/ and ./res_mods/ Update will be released: • March 3, 2020 (next Tuesday) for NA. • March 4, 2020 (next Wednesday) for . Post navigation. Previous Previous. Das ProMod Modpack für World of Tanks wird euch seit den Anfängen der Modding Szene bereits zu jedem Update kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt. Um das Team und die Serverkosten finanzieren zu können, freuen wir uns über jede Spende und bedanken uns für die Unterstützung Crossplay, new and enhanced maps, Commander mode, balance updates, and more! Battle your way through the Levels and claim exclusive Hot Wheels™ Tanks and Crews! Ring in sweet victory with platoon power, or claim the battlefield on your own! JOIN THE SEASON . LATEST NEWS. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Monsters Awakened Mode! October 23, 2020. EVENTS +1/-1 Matchmaking Is Back! October 22, 2020. EVENTS. The. The legendary tank shooter. Fight in 7vs7 team battles alone or with friends, research and upgrade armored vehicles, experiment with different tactics and win. Choose a tank and join the battle

World of Tanks: Patch 9

WoT ModPack Download the best ModPacks for World of Tanks Tag: Budyx69 [] Budyx69 Modpack Installer v5.19..3. Posted on May 12, 2020 by WoT. Modpack has a great installer, where you can easily select your preferred mod and choose from a large number of perfectly matched variants. Alternatively, the [] Continue reading » 3. ModPack Eng. Search for: Recent. Solo's WoT Portal Just another World of Tanks modpack, but better! About; Mod List; Report Bugs; Solo's Easy ModPack Installer. The Ultimate ModPack. Download Latest Report Problem. Latest Updates/Change Logs [] Solo's ModPack Installer Update 9. October 1, 2020. ChangeLog: U9 [1.10.9] 10/1/20-patch is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Aristotle Download Solo's. Recently Updated; Start Date; Most Replies; Most Viewed; Custom Topic Started By Stats Last Post Info; Pinned Pinned Update 1.10.1 CT1.

2.1K Downloads Updated Feb 23, 2017 Created Dec 26, 2016. T67 remodeled brutal version added Download. Install. E 75 SS-Totenkopf-Division By PeNeTrAtOrX. E 75 SS-Totenkopf-Division by PeNeTrAtOrX. 1.6K Downloads Updated Oct 14, 2017. World of Tanks ist ein online Panzer-Shooter mit über 600 Panzerfahrzeugen, 5 Fahrzeugtypen und 11 Nationen. Werde Fan von WoT World of Tanks (WoT) ist ein 2010 erschienenes Massively Multiplayer Online Game des weißrussischen Spieleentwicklers Wargaming.net.Es enthält Elemente eines Third-Person-und Taktik-Shooters, dabei sind die Spielfiguren die namensgebenden Panzer.World of Tanks ist ein Free-to-play-Produkt, bei dem der Hersteller durch Mikrotransaktionen jährlich mehrere Millionen Euro Gewinn erwirtschaftet. Das nächste große Funktionsupdate Windows 10 2004 steht seit Ende Mai zum Download bereit. Der offizielle Name lautet Windows 10 Mai 2020 Update und nie zuvor hat Microsoft so lange an einer.

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Feature updates for Windows 10 are released twice a year, around March and September, via the Semi-Annual Channel. They will be serviced with monthly quality updates for 18 or 30 months from the date of the release, depending on the lifecycle policy. We recommend that you begin deployment of each Semi-Annual Channel release immediately as a targeted deployment to devices selected for early. This is everything we know about Update 7.0. World of Tanks Blitz Update 7.0 Release Date The release date for the new update is TODAY - Wednesday, 6 June 2020

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Download imagemagick-desktop- for Lx 3.0 from OpenMandriva Main Updates repository Compatibility with World of Tanks; Hangar. Added option: hangar/showLastWtBanner — show banner Last Waffenträger in the hangar; Removed option: hangar/showTenYearsBanner If there is no stable version for the current World of Tanks client in the table above, it means work is still in progress. Please note: if you want to see statistics in XVM, you should activate this. The EU server will probably receive the patch the next day, February 6 Jetzt hat das große Update, das diese Änderungen einführen wird, ein Release-Datum und bringt das Spiel nach rund acht Jahren schließlich auf die Version 1.0 (aktuell noch bei 0.9.x): World of.

Skype for Business Server updates. 10/2/2020; 9 minutes to read +8; In this article. Find and manage updates for Skype for Business Server 2019, Skype for Business Server 2015, Lync Server 2013, and Lync Server 2010 in one place. Use the links on this page to get more information about updates, and then download the updates Über sieben Jahre nach dem Start der offenen Beta erscheint nun World of Tanks Patch 1.0 - womit das Action-MMO endlich seinen offiziellen Release feiert WoT-Lom ㋛ читы и моды для World of tanks WOT Дата обновления: 22.10.2020 года Раздел: Читы и запрещенные моды Текущая версия: ver. 0.

Update 9.20.1: Erster Öffentlicher Test Hauptnachrichten ..

WoT Blitz 7.0 - Fan Site! Posts Tagged: release date Released update 1.6. by admin on January 20, 2015. Friends! We hope that you will look forward to by a new map, the British heavy tanks branch and various fixes and optimizations in the update 1.6. We are pleased to inform you that the [] Presentation WoT Blitz for Android. by admin on December 3, 2014. Commanders! The exact release. The release of a new update for version 9.16, will be held in September. In this patch players can expect a number of changes and innovations: - Will introduce a new medium tank 6 level from Swedish branch - Strv m / 42-57 Alt A.2. At the moment tank tested for Categories. Mods World of Tanks Damage panel 9.19.1 Hangars World of Tanks Icons World of Tanks ModPack for World of Tanks 9.

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COMPUTER BILD-Blitz-Updater fürs Windows 10 Mai 2020 Update kostenlos in deutscher Version downloaden! Weitere virengeprüfte Software aus der Kategorie Tuning & System finden Sie bei. Der legendäre Panzershooter. Kämpfe in 7-gegen-7-Teamgefechten, erforsche und verbessere Panzerfahrzeuge, probiere verschiedene Taktiken aus und gewinne. Wähle einen Panzer und zieh in die Schlacht

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World of Tanks official customer service center. Browse help articles by topic, search for answers in our knowledge base, or contact the support team directly Download lib64MagickWand7.Q16HDRI_7-7..9.20-1-omv4001.x86_64.rpm for Lx 4.1 from OpenMandriva Main Release repository WoT Update 0.9.22 Sowjetischer Forschungsbaum . Kommandanten, Seit Ihr Neugierig, wie der sowjetische Forschungsbaum in Update 0.9.22 aussehen wird? Direkt aus dem Supertest könnt ihr jetzt sehen, wie der Forschungsbaum aussieht, mit all den neu Hinzugefügten und Ersetzten Panzern. Das Objekt 430 II scheint im Moment nicht zu einem Tier X zu führen, aber Wargaming hat angekündigt, dass das.

Der Fehler 0x80070002 kommt in der Regel bei Windows-Updates vor und auch, wenn Programm-Dateien nicht mehr gefunden werden. Wir zeigen, wir. Update 1.10.1: Common Test 2 Has Started! General News [Updated] Hunt the Last Waffenträger - Now with Twitch Drops! In-Game Events [Video] Developer Diaries: Italian Heavy Tanks Media [Special] 1 October 2020: Tank Mastery - Chinese Edition Missions & Specials [Special] Late Night Fun - 01 October 2020 Missions & Specials. The T77: Bring the Damage Missions & Specials. Server Maintenance on. Update 9.22 release date - posted in Gameplay: Hey! Just wondering if anybody knows when update 9.22 will come out, or at least an approximation, as I want to use the female crew on the new Obj. 257 people get for free if they have T-10. The discounts and female crew members will expire the 6th of February. Thanks

Vehicle Rebalances in Update 9

WoT Americas Server Merge. News and Information about the America Server Merge for World of Tanks PC. Ask your questions here! 132 topics; 3,861 replies; KRZYBoop's Used Tank Empori... By madogthefirst; Oct 16 2020 - 01:43; Page 1 of 29 ; 1; 2; 3; Next » Recently Updated; Start Date; Most Replies; Most Viewed; Custom Topic Started By Stats Last Post Info; Pinned Tell us about a military. Damage panel Harpoon for WOT - 49,821 views [] WN8, EFF, XWN8 calculators and rating positions - 48,038 views [] OMC ModPack - 43,957 views [] Mod X-ray for WOT - 43,901 views; Сheat autoaim Pro Aim for World of Tanks - 39,313 views; Find us on Facebook . Recent Comments. BP OMowe on White Dead Tanks for; JustMuppie on [] Mod. Currently, there's no set release date for the series. Production began in September 2019, and the series is currently listed on IMDb as premiering in 2021, although there's been no official word. XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod - ein Mod für den Gefechtsbildschirm für den populären MMO World of Tanks. Über 3 700 000 aktive User benutzen den Mod weltweit, und diese Zahl wächst jede Minute. XVM - ein absolut kostenloser Mod mit offenem Quell-Code, der unter der Lizenz GNU GPL v3 verbreitet wird. Von dem ersten Tag an wird XVM permanent weiterentwickelt, und tägliches. Subnautica PlayStation Update 1.10 Released. Posted by Donya 2 weeks ago PlayStation divers, we want to thank you for your patience while we got this update ready for you all. The console team has been hard at work on some long-requested performance related bug fixes and improvements. The delay in shipping this update was due to needing to refactor the save/load system for PlayStation. This.

You can update your stats whenever you want, just close your wot client and click take snapshot in the player's profile page. WN8 reference. This website calculate World of Tanks players WN8 rating, and assigns a different color according to the official WN8 specification at wnefficiency.net. IMPORTANT! Since November 2017, WoTstats.org will use the Expected Tanks Values from the XVM website. What are the release dates for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 1992 9-20? 1 2. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User . 2014-07-29 07:20:40 2014-07-29 07:20:40. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 1992 9-20.

World of Tanks (WoT) is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming, featuring mid-20th century (1930s-1960s) era combat vehicles. It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free-to-play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of premium features.The focus is on player vs. player gameplay with each player. Wenn Sie das Update jetzt installieren möchten, wählen Sie Start > Einstellungen > Update und Sicherheit > Windows Update und dann Nach Updates suchen.Wenn Updates verfügbar sind, installieren Sie diese. Wenn Version 2004 nicht automatisch über Nach Updates suchen angeboten wird, können Sie es manuell über den Update-Assistent erhalten.; Wenn Probleme bei der Aktualisierung Ihres Geräts. Automatic statistics update for your World of Tanks account; Patron access in the forums; Become a Patron! If you want to send us a one time donation, you can do it via PayPal: Latest Update (01/03/2020): Dark mode now available! Welcome to WoTLabs! This is a website dedicated to tracking the statistics of World of Tanks players. Using this website, you can view your daily, weekly, monthly and. Summary: A few interesting dates. May 1992 - First meeting with AG. Applied Geometry (AG) came to us for assistance in integrating their AGLib, NURBs geometry library, in AutoCAD. AG customers included Alias Research, Spatial, Honda, and Tecnomatix. Jul 1992 - First prototype in AutoCAD after about three days of work. Nov 1992 - McNeel/AG agreement to develop AccuModel, NURBs modeling for.

WoW: Battle for Azeroth hat einen Release-Termin! Quelle: Blizzard 05.04.2018 um 15:00 Uhr von Karsten Scholz - WoW: Battle for Azeroth erscheint voraussichtlich am oder vor dem 21. September. Nutzen Sie das Online-Update, um die neueste FRITZ!OS-Version auf dem einfachsten Weg in Ihre FRITZ!Box zu übertragen. Neue Leistungsmerkmale: Mehr WLAN-Sicherheit mit dem neuen Verschlüsselungsstandard WPA3; Gästen einen offenen WLAN-Hotspot anbieten, der Daten sicher verschlüsselt überträgt (OWE) Mehr WLAN-Performance mit Mesh Steering und dem Mesh-Autokanal; Internetzugang für. There are a lot of good sites that have detailed reviews of numerous VPNs which they generally keep up-to-date and (if they rank VPNs) tend to regularly update the lists displaying their site's ranking of various VPNs ( i.e.Top 10 VPNs or Best VPNs, etc.). Make sure you're getting a VPN that meets all your online privacy and security needs and has the features best suited to your online. If for a vehicle suggestion, please first refer to the updated list of previously suggested vehicles. If your suggestion is there already, don't post it again. Must be clearly explained. Must be flaired with the GAIJIN PLEASE flair. Must be relevant to War Thunder in terms of time frame and purpose

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Date Checksum Notes 1.30.4: 10 Sep 2020 5d62 Hotfix 1.30.3: 23 Jun 2020 8406 Hotfix 1.30.2: 16 Jun 2020 c92d Hotfix 1.30.1: 09 Jun 2020 583f Hotfix 1.30: N/A: ceec 29th major patch (aka Austria). Released alongside Emperor. 1.29.6: 23 Apr 2020 b3ef hotfix 1.29.5: 07 Feb 2020 dc1b hotfix 1.29.4: 21 Jan 2020 4a70 Minor 1.29.3: 09 Dec 2019 1a2e Patch 1.29.2: 02 Oct 2019 e022 Hotfix 1.29.1: 20. UPDATES & NEWS; Timeline; FAQ; Community Forum; My Account; Sign in with Steam; Partner Media Partner; Modder; Buy Cattle and Crops V1 Release: 15.10.2020 Features. Simulation. Detailed machinery and realistic harvesting techniques. Management. Your employees will help you take care of your farm, your animals and your estate. Vegetation . Plant growth and health depending on multiple ground.

Balanceänderungen der Fahrzeuge in Update 9

Deine Quelle für die neuesten Update-Notizen zu Die Sims 4 Darum G DATA Alles für Ihre erfolgreiche Verteidigung. 1987 hat G DATA die erste Virenschutz-Software der Welt erfunden. Heute sind wir ein führendes IT-Security-Unternehmen und helfen Kunden in jeder Lage: Wir beraten Unternehmen, schulen Mitarbeiter in IT Security, decken Schwachstellen in Netzwerken auf, bieten beste Security Software mit KI-Technologien, schützen ganze Konzerne vor. DSM 7.0 introduces a new user interface, providing a more fluid and responsive experience. Redesigned management tools make deploying and monitoring your devices simpler and more intuitive. Smarter, Faster Storage. Storage Manager has been redesigned to give you more insight into your storage setup. We've made SSD caching smarter with a brand new advisor, while being faster and easier to set.

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Daily Updates - Mods currently in testing [Console/PC] Post by Chaki » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:02 pm Hey there, this thread will show you the mods that are currently in testing with our QA team. What's this all about? Before a mod is uploded to our ModHub, it needs some testing. We need to ensure that it works as it should, does not break anything ect. Our QA team (you might know them from the Bug. Get the latest updates available for your computer's operating system, software, and hardware. We will scan your computer and provide you with a selection of updates tailored just for you 0 0 0 0. Add a Comment. Related Questions. What are the release dates for The Red Skelton Show - 1951 Nothing But the Tooth 11-15? The Red Skelton Show - 1951 Nothing But the Tooth. Shaytan usually sticks to dates he publish. Last one was till 21st March so we hope to have new version late tonight or tomorrow. bb March 22, 2018 Reply. update plz to 1.0.0. miquel March 22, 2018 Reply. Ok thnxs for the reply. spini March 22, 2018 Reply. pls repear aimbot na 1.0.0. hydek March 22, 2018 Reply. Waiting for creator to release new version. ugur March 23, 2018 Reply. 1.0.

This list shows all champions as they appear in the store, along with their assigned classes, release dates and purchase costs. As of 21 September 2020 there are currently 151 released champions, with the latest being Samira, the Desert Rose. The next champion to be released is Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress. With the next champion release: Upcoming Cost Reductions Gnar: Cost reduced to. ATS update 1.38. Operation Genoa Bridge. Viewpoint Feature Preview. Latest News. 8 years on the roads of Euro Truck Simulator 2. ETS2 was released 8 years ago. And since we are in the celebration mood, we have some exclusive images to share with you from an unrevealed project still in pre-alpha stages! View More on Our Blog . Community Spotlight: Truckers.FM 5th Anniversary. On the 16th of. Created by Rafe Judkins. With Kae Alexander, Naana Agyei Ampadu, Hammed Animashaun, Pasha Bocarie. Based on Robert Jordan's best selling fantasy book series

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