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Good luck to all competing teams in the tournament. Make sure to keep watching the EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion forum for more updates. If you're looking for more information on AT XIV, you can see these dev blogs: Alliance Tournament XIV Is Coming! Alliance Tournament XIV: Rules and Signups; Alliance Tournament XIV: Draw Results and Priz EVE_NT have requested I remove the VODs I uploaded immediately after each match, so I've removed the VOD column. Things will be back to normal for Day 3. Alliance Tournament XIV - DAY 2. Schedule, VODs & Results. Post Contains NO-SPOILERS but comments may contain spoilers. Feel free to discuss freely in the comments! Useful Links. Stream | ISD. 620 votes, 627 comments. 141k members in the Eve community. The official subreddit for Eve Online use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in subreddit author:username find submissions by username site:example.com find submissions from example.co Alliance Tournament XIV - DAY 3. Schedule, VODs & Results. Post Contains NO-SPOILERS but comments may contain spoilers. Feel free to discuss freely in the comments! Useful Links. Stream | VOD Playlist. Full Schedule & Uncensored Results. DAY 1 | DAY 2 | DAY 3 | DAY 4 | DAY 5 | DAY

Spaceship Bebop vs An Alliance Has No Name 1:02 pm . MORDUS ANGELS vs LowSechnaya Sholupen 1:30 pm . Digital Vendetta vs Wormhole Society 1:32 pm . ChaosTheory. vs PURPLE HELMETED WARRIORS 2:00 pm . Army of New Eden vs Red vs Blue 2:02 pm . Iron Armada vs MOIST. 2:30 pm . The Explicit Alliance vs Rote Kapelle 2:32 p EVE Forums » EVE Communication Center » EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion » Welcome to Thunderdome - The Event Server. Topic is locked indefinitely. 1 2 3 Next page Last page Welcome to Thunderdome - The Event Server. First post First post. Author Previous Topic Next Topic: CCP Logibro. C C P. C C P Alliance. Likes received: 1,703 #1 - 2016-08-08 20:34:40 UTC | Edited by: CCP Logibro. 4. r/Eve: The official subreddit for Eve Online. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu . Eve Online r/ Eve. Join. Posts Rules >>>Discord<<< Old Reddit. hot. hot new top rising. hot. new. top. rising. card. card classic compact. 34. pinned by moderators. Posted by 6 days ago. Weekly /r/Eve No.

Other tournaments. Apart from the alliance tournament, there has also been several other tournaments such as New Eden Open and the Amarr Championships which led to victory for House Tash-Murkon and the Crowning of Empress Catiz in 2016. CCP has also helped players start their own tournaments, such as the EVE_NT tournaments EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion. Forum Index EVE Forums » EVE Communication Center » EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion » Any ETA on ATXIV Announcement & Rules. Topic is locked indefinitely. Previous page 1 2 3 Next page Any ETA on ATXIV Announcement & Rules. First post. Author Previous Topic Next Topic: suicide. Caldari Provisions. Caldari State. Likes received: 41 #21 - 2016-05-22 12. Dearest Alliance Tournament Interested Space Commanders, Many of you have seen that there have been a few changes to the rules between this year and last year's tournament. Aside from the usual yearly tweaks in format and ship composition we've also had to add or change some rules in order to provide an environment of fair competition, or as fair as competition can be within EVE. We.

EVE Online: MATCH 4 - Pandemic Legion vs The Tuskers Co. | Alliance Tournament XIV - AT14 - Duration: 16:04. TheDJBuntin / Unstopable Deadman 6,808 view DAY 3 of EVE Online Alliance Tournament 14 WE FORM V0LTA VS Villore Accords https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments.. Watch in 360 the inside of a nuclear reactor from the size of an atom with virtual reality - Duration: 3:42. EDF in the UK Recommended for you. 360 Alliance Tournament; Fanfest; Kundendienst. Hilfe-Center; Richtlinien; Bug Reports; Flottengefecht-Benachrichtigung; Drittanbieter-Anwendungen; Drittanbieter-Entwickler; EVE herunterladen; Foren ; EVE Universe. EVE Online Learn about EVE Online; Forums Forum for players; Account Management Manage your account, billing and game services; Latest Release Learn about the latest release; EVE.

Alliance Tournament 2018 will take place between July 28 - August 18. As always, the stakes are high, and the losses are real. Competing alliances will send their best pilots and best ships onto the battlefield with theory crafters and tacticians working tirelessly behind the scenes. This year CCP is partnering with EVE_NT to run and broadcast the Tournament on the CCP Twitch channel. The. DAY 6 of EVE Online Alliance Tournament 14 GAME 3 - Pandemic Legion vs The Tuskers Co. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments.. When a team of pilots wins the Alliance Tournament—EVE's world championships for PvP—their prize is a fleet of 50 Alliance Tournament (AT) ships, one of a kind frigates and cruisers that. EVE Online: MATCH 3 - Pandemic Legion vs The Tuskers Co. | Alliance Tournament XIV - AT14 - Duration: 22:35. TheDJBuntin / Unstopable Deadman 3,961 view DAY 5 of EVE Online Alliance Tournament 14 WE FROM V0LTA VS Northern Coalition. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments..

DAY 6 of EVE Online Alliance Tournament 14 3 of 3 WE FORM V0LTA vs The Tuskers Co. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments.. Impressions of the New Eden Open - The annual Alliance Tournament has always been the one opportunity I get per year to show my friends EVE and not get rolled eyes in reply. People who don't even play EVE tune in to watch spaceships explode, and I'll bet some of them go on to subscribe to the game. massively.joystiq.co Underestimated all throughout the Tenth Alliance Tournament, Verge of Collapse proved the power of the underdog with their stunning victories over such heavyweights as DarkSide., Goonswarm Federation, Rote Kapelle, Mildly Intoxicated and Exodus.. Their victory over HUN Reloaded in the finals demonstrated their mastery of the format, and it is unlikely that anyone will underestimate them again. DAY 4 of EVE Online Alliance Tournament 14 The Afterlife. VS The Tuskers Co. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments..

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  1. ation tournament with 64.
  2. CCP hf. has granted permission to EVE-Search.com to use EVE Online and all associated logos and designs for promotional and information purposes on its website but does not endorse, and is not in any way affiliated with, EVE-Search.com. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website
  3. Alliance Tournament Prize Ships. Since Alliance Tournament VII, the winners prizes have been a set of exclusive, limited edition frigates and cruisers with unmatched stats and combat prowess. Only fifty of each hull ever exist, and these ships are considered some of the most coveted hulls in the cluster for veteran players and collectors alike. In keeping with tradition, we will once again be.
  4. Lately, the EVE community is buzzing about a potentially galaxy-shattering invasion. It's not one designed by the game's creators or by one of the current power blocs looking to start a new.

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  1. Tournament format. Based around the experimental 'EVE_NT Fight Club' rules, EVE_NT Championship rules are pretty straightforward.Unlike the Alliance Tournament which is problem solving and theory-crafting on a very deep level where much of which is hidden from the spectator, EVE_NT Championship is designed to be fast paced and explosive combat to showcase individual and teamwork EVE Online.
  2. Newcomers a year before in the Eighth Alliance Tournament, DarkSide. had quickly made a name for themselves with a quarter-final performance that year. In the Ninth Alliance Tournament they catapulted themselves into Tournament history by ending the reign of Pandemic Legion and knocking them out in convincing fashion. In one fell swoop they blew the Tournament field wide open and made Shadoo.
  3. g the title of the first ever Alliance Tournament Champions, Band of Brothers began the first great Tournament dynasty. They would remain undefeated in tournament play for the next two years

We want more ads from Alliances, Corporations and Organizations to run on official streams. Home; articles; news; Player Ads at Invasion World Tour Live Events 2019-09-27 - By CCP Dopamine - EVE news. We have received a bunch of great ads earlier this year that have been shown at each Invasion World Tour stream and with two more events to go we would like to bring this back on your radar. HUN Reloaded came out of nowhere to dominate and win the Fourth Alliance Tournament using a novel and effective strategy based around stealth bombers. This performance forever cemented the role of creative setup design as a key focus of top contender teams Making their mark in the first ever Alliance Tournament, Kaos Empire won victory after victory with stunning efficiency and coordination. After defeating well respected opponents like Red Alliance and The Five, Kaos finally met their match in a nailbiter final match against Band of Brothers, winning the first ever Alliance Tournament Silver Medal

Description. Cult of War stunned the population of New Eden in their quarter-final match of the Third Alliance Tournament against Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate when they destroyed IAC's rare and priceless Apocalypse Imperial Issue live on air. The dramatic destruction of this legendary vessel has gone down as one of the memorable moments in Alliance Tournament history When we turned off Alliance Tournaments last year, we've been working on [and] redefining what they are. And we're going to use the Third Quadrant to basically test out a lot of different ways. Alliance Tournament; Fanfest; Support. Help Center; Policies; Bug Reports; Fleet Fight Notification; Third Party Applications; Third Party Developers; Download EVE; Forums; EVE Universe. EVE Online Learn about EVE Online; Forums Forum for players; Account Management Manage your account, billing and game services; Latest Release Learn about the latest release; EVE: Valkyrie Experience intense.

Keep DOTLAN EveMaps running! Support it by donating or buying GTC from: API J: 21 Oct 23:20: K: 21 Oct 23:19: C: 21 Oct 22:00: A: 21 Oct 23:16: O: 04 Jun 11:1 It's now around 36 hours ago that the XML & CREST API have been turned of and send to the virtual graveyard. I can honestly say, the have served us well and we have seen lots of interesting things in the past: Lots of facepalms (Sovereignty Structures Endpoint), lot of hickups (API shutdown during the alliance tournament) or gamedesign changes (removed jumps/kills from wormhole systems)

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Description. Establishing themselves as the dominant force in the early tournament years, Band of Brothers had a stellar run in the Second Alliance Tournament capped off with their victory in the first and only Tournament final decided by a 1v1 Interceptor duel tiebreaker

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Alliance Tournament XVI . Once again, we've reached the summer and once again, it's tournament season! This weekend it begins, as hundreds of pilots are [...] Read more. In Development July 2018 . This EVE Online in-development video provides a glimpse of what's currently being worked on for release further down the line. [...] Read more. Performance Improvements - Change To The Missile. OWN Alliance over Prano's Journey. An EVE-Online Blog. (OOC) Alliance Tournament 8: Finals weekend FIGHT! I'm gonna make this quick because I'm fighting the flu or something and if I don't deal with it tonight my entire weekend is fraked. I won't go into thoughts on the last matches since you can find much better coverage here and here. I will try and post tomorrow. My picks! OWN. The Gallenteans are not alone in their Federation, whose boundaries are home to pockets of residents, varying in size and representing all the other races of EVE, most of whom left their own empires due to political or ideological differences, or simply in search of peace and prosperity. In addition to these there are two human races, the Intakis and the Mannars, both of whom the Gallenteans. Another player recently looted an extremely limited edition Alliance Tournament ship worth over 100 billion to the right collector, and it looks like the owner only found out his assets were even at risk when someone posted the loot to an EVE Discord channel

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Bisher sahen Eve-Wettkämpfe für mich so aus: Ich kleiner Spieler in eine unabhängigen Corp schaue mit meinen Kollegen zusammen den Stream des Alliance Tournament und wette auf die jeweiligen Teams um Plex zu gewinnen Me @ Hays German Open weiterlesen Eve Online is the world's largest MMO RPG universe rich in adventure, as player corporations compete in a massively multiplayer online space game. News . News Channels; Dev Blogs; Patch Notes; Awards and Accolades; RSS Feeds; Community. Fansites; CSM; Volunteer Program; Alliance Tournament; EVE Fanfest; EVE Vegas; Backstory. Races; Chronicles; Short Stories; Scientific Articles; Fiction. Each EVE race has one of each kind of T2 industrial. Tech 2 Blockade Runner: Crane, Viator; Tech 2 Deep Space Transport: Mastodon, Impel; Freighters. Freighters are the largest cargo ships in EVE. These slow moving hulks have no high or medium equipment slots and depend entirely on their massive hulls for defense. In general, if you can package an item, you can fit it into the cargo hold of a. Feedback from reddit suggested that new players were feeling swamped by technical terms. (They did take this on board and improve for the final weekend). MJD jumps were often missed both by the camera and by the commentators. The Meta. Often in a tournament the meta 'puzzle' seems to be somewhat solved and teams become very samey. This never happened in AT XV and although the accent was on. The EVE Gate closes as the wormhole collapses. 8061 AD. The same year as EVE closes the last group of conformists arrives on Athra. The conformists all settle on the continent of Amarr, from which they later take their name. 16470 AD. The first Amarr Emperor is crowned. 20022 A

EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. The new forums are live. Please adjust your bookmarks to https://forums.eveonline.com. These forums are archived and read-only All Channels Science and Industry Can I build freighters in high-sec? This thread is older than 90 days and. The underlying matter is the same as previous few Alliance Tournament weekends and past two Wednesdays: Our DDoS mitigation network scrubbing is active. In particular then CCP Falcon and I have been here on the forums and replying to posts and explaining what is happening. Unfortunately then a very small number of players are significantly affected since either they or their ISP is being. EVE Online Alliance Tournament VI comes to a finale this weekend LIVE on EVE TV. Watch the top 32 Alliances fight it out to see who will be crowned the PVP Champions of EVE! The action promises to be highly explosive, as all of the weekend's fights mean an elimination for the loser. Must view matches for Saturday include the #1 ranked alliance.

An alliance can improve various aspects of any nullsec system they're actively claiming by installing upgrades in their Infrastructure Hub. There are several different types of infrastructure upgrades available. For some upgrades to become active they will require the systems development index to be at a respective level It's the one place in Eve where you can get true 1v1 PvP! No escape, no avoiding or picking your fight. Nowhere in EVE can you experience a fight like this. In any situation throughout New Eden you can pick and choose your engagements and find a way out, if you're good enough. In the Proving Grounds you are locked into the engagement with no choice. It all comes down to what the ships are. EVE General Discussion: 99,20% (3820 posts) Jita Park Speakers Corner: 0,29% (11 posts) EVE Information Portal: 0,21% (8 posts) EVE Alliance Tournament Discussion: 0,08% (3 posts) Player Features and Ideas Discussion: 0,05% (2 posts) Issues, Workarounds & Localization: 0,05% (2 posts) EVE New Citizens Q&A: 0,05% (2 posts) In-Game Events and. The guys from EVE_NT tell us about the Alliance Open PVP Tournament. Ithica's EVE Map. Speakers. Bei Artjay (EVE_NT), Ithica Hawk (EVE_NT), Matterall, Elise Randolph, Baleful Dysnomia, WhoIsAFish, Maccloud, Caleb Aranya. Topics. Game News. EVE Echoes - Release Date (Fish) EVE _NT Alliance Open; Command Ships; Proving Grounds; Player News. Fountain falls. 2 Titans lost; Campaign BR; Sov.

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(null-sec, alliance tournaments, and EVE history) Arsia Elkin from Electus Matari also known as Baleful Dysnomia (She covers Empire space, Invasions, Roleplaying, solo to small gang PVP) Artimus Albosa of Noir (mercenary work, small gang, and pirating) Maccloud from Initiative, is our engineer; Matterall Talking in Stations host; Intro. EVE at war, day 70. Thousands of starship-commanders. Seam Daigon (Ito-Daigon Corporation) lost their Bustard in Bagodan (Domain). Final Blow by Rungerd (Nordwind.) flying in a Tornado. Total Value: 19,029,117,907.75 IS Ardith Hope lost their Mammoth worth 3,029,096,268.20 ISK l0rd carlos (TURN DOWN.) lost their Chremoas in Resbroko (Metropolis) Total Value: 200,703,942,488.24 IS EVE Online kicks off its 10th Alliance Tournament this weekend. Find out more about the schedule and streaming after the jump

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Regardless, this period of the alliance tournament was the true height of PL's tournament career. They had won AT6 and AT7, and would go on to win AT8 to match BoB's triple crown of AT1-3. PL's dominance was absolute in the way that BoB's was in the years before, if not moreso. Gobbins through sheer force of will marshalled HYDRA into what would be PL's nemesis for the better part of. 2020-10-17 - By EVE Online New Blazing Phoenix and Ascendant Phoenix Packs. Packs for new and experienced players - available until 1 Dec. 2020-10-16 - By CCP Dopamine EDENCOM VS The Triglavians Contest Results. 2020-10-16 - By EVE Online New Rockbreaker Pioneers SKIN. 2020-10-15 - By CCP Dopamine Abyssal Proving Grounds Return. 2020-10-14 - By CCP Convict RESOLVED: Exploit Notification. That is correct: in over a decade, no one has ever thought to claim the alliance ticker YES. Until now. In the weeks since their creation, I've seen scheduled sight-seeing roams out to Titanomachy and Eve Gate, group play-throughs of the Angel epic arc (with the Guristas coming soon), a half dozen scheduled null roams, PvP Skirmish Survival 101 sessions on Sisi, and a bunch of other stuff on.

Alliance: Circle-Of-Two | Pilots: 267 | Member Corporations: 15 | Outposts Under Control: 7 | Founded: 2008-03-0 Since Eve is a very different game focused on PVP there are of course dangers in free throwaway accounts. The ancient gaming noob is going deeper into that. Since Eve players are very creative, I am sure they'll come up with more loop holes CCP will have to fix ;). There's also a big thread on this on reddit, you can find it here EVE Online, the EVE logo, EVE and all associated logos and designs are the intellectual property of CCP hf. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf Frigates are the smallest and fastest ships in Eve. New pilots begin by flying frigates, and the Tech 1 frigates only cost a few hundred thousand ISK. Don't be fooled by the low cost of frigates and the fact that they're used by novice pilots, though: frigates can play an important role in battle, and in numbers or with skilled pilots even Tech 1 frigates can be deadly

Coming back after a significant hiatus, I noticed that a lot of the Eve news sites and podcasts that I once relied to get through the honey-do list, are now gone. Sad as it is, we decided to touch on this subject and more, in Episode 99 of the High Drag Eve Online Podcast. In this Episode: 1. The End of the Eve Media Meta Era 2. Hypernet Relay. Christian Gamers Alliance. New posts Christian Gamers Alliance Shared Forums. General Discussion [cga] Threads 7.4K Messages 83.3K. Threads 7.4K Messages 83.3K. Forums changelog. Oct 13, 2020; Tek7; Bible Study. Threads 117 Messages 525. Threads 117 Messages 525. Christians will turn on you for knowing Christ. May 26, 2020; Hescominsoon; Prayer Requests / Praise Reports. Threads 1.4K Messages.

It'll be leaving the front lines soon to travel to its summer territories and prepare for the Alliance Tournament, a kind of annual Olympic Games inside the world of Eve Online Imagine playing an eight-week-long game of Civilization but set in space on a map with over 5,000 other players and you'll start to get a picture of just how different Starborne is. Iceland has. Eve Alliance Tournament 2018 2020-06-11 Categories Eve Online Alliance Tournament Xvi Streamed Alliance Tournament Xvi Streamed Solus Edge Vs Solus Ultra Sixers Raptors Live Stream Reddit Rupaul Season 9 Episode 4 Online Blitzball Pitches Tutorial Bohunt Frog Pokemon Light Platinum Mega Stone Cheat Code. Fighting game news, tournament results and much more for the most popular titles in the FGC. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Smash Bros. Tekken, plus other video games

Our discussions this time around cover the Alaskan Cruise arranged by Greygal, The cancellation of the Alliance Tournament and the aftermath of Guardian's Gala. Also, episode 93 marks the first time Opus Magnum takes the reins and runs the show! Hope you all enjoy! Please take a minute and give us a review on your preferred method of. EVE Online is a Sci-Fi sandbox MMORPG set tens of thousands of years in the future. Boasting the largest online virtual universe ever created, you will explore New Eden - a Galaxy comprised of more than 7,500 solar systems - adopting the role of an immortal Capsuleer and be asked to make your own decisions about who you want to be, and how you want to get there Alliance Tournament Histories: Pandemic Legion vs. Hydra Reloaded - Part Two Kael and Meredudd lament and reminisce on the 15th Anniversary of EVE Online with Nova Valentis and Ibrahas, sharing stories of what we were doing

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Alliance Tournament XVI, to date the most recent CCP-organized Alliance Tournament, featured special edition Triglavian ships as rewards, augmented by the tournament's sponsor, the Society of Conscious Thought. Frigate: Damavik. Assault Frigate: Nergal; Covert Ops: Hydra (Limited) Destroyers: Kikimora. Command Destroyer: Draugu A few months back I noticed a thread over on Reddit simply asking Has Crossing Zebras Died? It's a question read more . The Alliance Tournament: AT XVI preview Jul 27, 2018 Callduron. The AT starts on Saturday 28th July, neatly filling the gap that some of us may feel when there's no more World Cup football to watch and the new season Articles. Is EVE a bad game, or is it just. Coming off the first weekend of the Alliance Tournament and taking part in the A Band Apart team's first two wins was amazing! Don't take just MY word for it, even the announcers were happy with our performance! I had to do an episode with, what was undeniably, the heroes of the ABA run on Sunday. Our Logistics pilots! Watson couldn't make it but Leonard sat down with Ash, myself and.

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Fractured space offers the kind of year-round competitive play that participants in Eve's annual Alliance Tournament can only wish for. Space is divided into five sectors: alpha, beta, a central sector, gamma, and one base sector. The aim is to get hold of the enemy's home base, but to do that; your team has to open up jump routes by capturing forward bases in alpha or beta. With a. No Character/Corp/Alliance by that name could be found! Please search again with the search box at the top. All EVE related materials are property of CCP Games. Payments / API / FAQ / Legal. About / Github / Twitter 4ms. / 1q Brought to you by Squizz Caphinator. X. Message X <iframe> detected. zKillboard has detected that it has been embedded in an iframe. We're ok with this, however, your.

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What marketing strategies does Eve-guardian use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Eve-guardian EVE Online is known for its large, player-driven battles and tales of betrayal, heroism and war. Developer CCP Games and Dark Horse have teamed up to release issue #1 of its EVE: True Stories.

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On September 27, 2018, BlueMelon, a prominent participant in the Eve Online Alliance Tournament, pulled off the most expensive heist in EVE Online to date. Seven years ago, BlueMelon was tricked and had his prized Erebus Titan stolen by Pandemic Legion, who kicked him from Corp shortly after. Seven years later, back in PL's good graces and planning to retire from the game, he made off with 18. This would mean that a 0.0 controlling alliance like CVA could impossibly participate in Factional Warfare. I still hope I am misinterpreting this stuff or CCP better come up with some very good arguments behind this decision in the next dev-blogs. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Reddit; Like this: Like Loading... Related ~ by Alright Jack on May 15, 2008. Posted in Eve Online Tags: 9/11. Registration opens on October 12t EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. The new forums are live. Please adjust your bookmarks to https://forums.eveonline.com. These forums are archived and read-only All Channels Ships and Modules Minmater Mammoth, industrial ship. This thread is older than 90 days and has. Live stream to any audience, no matter the scale. We make it easy to stream your virtual events, executive communications, trainings, and everything in between

North Loses Staging Keepstar in X47L-Q - Talking in StationsEve Online 2012: Production vsBrutality of War : EveIntergalactic Space Hobos in Lowsec - Talking in Stations100+ Minimalistic Videogame Wallpapers Part 2 - Taking

The Alliance Tournament: AT XVI preview Jul 27, 2018 Callduron. The AT starts on Saturday 28th July, neatly filling the gap that some of us may feel when there's no more World Cup football to watch and the new seaso Bluemelon (ElitistOps) lost their Adrestia in Amamake (Heimatar). Final Blow by Arctic Monkey (The Last Ship) flying in a Vexor Navy Issue. Total Value: 156,101,809,366.87 IS Download Video Games Roms ISOs fo free! massive rom Emulators and Extra waiting you on Wowroms Kobald Simbian (Gyromatic Cartel) lost their Chremoas in M2-CF1 (Syndicate). Final Blow by DedMoroz88 (USSR Zero Detachment) flying in a Harpy. Total Value: 200,575,281,860.39 IS EVE Online Japan Wiki このサイトは、アイスランドCCP社開発のSFMMORPG、EVEOnlineの情報を日本人向けにまとめるWikiです。 このサイトは公認ファンサイトです。 当WikiはEVEJapan Newsを応援しています。 公式日本語フォーラムはこちらです。 ----- [EVE Online] ---- Sharkul Saken (Tribe Phlebiac) lost their Drake in Aring (Genesis). Final Blow by Russell Sterling Casse (The Royal Navy) flying in a Apostle. Total Value: 70,292,566.31 IS

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